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The Orangutan People

Ackermann, Robert

of Germany
Akesson,Ralf (GM)

of Sweden
Arkell,Keith C (GM)

of England
Bach, Matthias

of Germany
Bartle, Georg

of Germany
Benassi, Aspasio

of Italy
Bendig, Frank

of Germany
Bigalke, Andre

of Germany
Bonetti, Shane

of Australia
Brinkmann, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm

of Germany
specializing at 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 f6
Bronstein, David

of USSR/Russia
Buczinski, Henryk

of Poland
Bugayev, Nikolai Vasilyevich

Mathematician, Corresponding Member of the Physical-Mathematical Division (Moscow University), since 13.12.1897.
Bulcourf, Carlos (IM)

of Argentina
Buss, Michael

of United States
Campora, Daniel Hugo (GM)

of Argentina
Capablanca, Jose Raul

of Cuba
World Champion
Charousek, Rudolf

Hungarian GM
Chiarion, Elisa

of Italy
Chirpii, Alexandru

of Moldova
Frequently playing 1.b4 in OTB tournaments
Chulivska, Vita

of Ukraine
Cirulis, Ilmars

of Latvia
Cornacchini, Gabriele

of Italy
Cottarelli, Franco

of Italy
Diener, Rudolf

of Germany
Drazic, Sinisa

of Serbia
Drljevic, Ljilja

of Montenegro
Dumontelle, Joseph

of Canada
Dziel, Jaromir

of Poland
Englisch, Berthold

Austrian GM
Enxtuul, Altanolzii

of Mongolia
Espig, Lutz

of Germany
Farleigh, Richard

of Australia
Fournier, Frederic

of France
Francia, Pasquale

of Italy

I'm the guy in green uniform on the right.

Frenzel, Lothar

of Germany
Frink, Ferenc

of Hungary
Frosinos, Ioannis

of Greece
Frydendal, Odd

of Norway
Gabetto, Flaviano

of Italy
Galoic, Boris

of Croatia
Gross, Wilhelm

of Germany
Founder of Orang-Utan magazine, initiator of "new orang-utan age"
Grund, Karl

A great German fan of 1.b4, author of Thema-Turnier
Sokolski-Eröffnung 1.b2-b4
(142p. Rattmann 1985 s.c.)
Hanison, Bernard

of England
Hartlaub, Marianne

of Germany
Hasler, Ulrich

of Switzerland
Hjortstam, Kurt

of Sweden
Humeau, Cyril

of France
Ivanets, Vladimir

of Russia

of Canada
Jaramillo, Carlos Orlando

of Colombia
Juswanto, Denny

of Indonesia
Kaenel, Hansjuerg

of Switzerland
Kamaletdinov, Farit

of Russia
Katalymov, Boris

of Kazakhstan
Kesmaecker, Philippe

of Monaco
Koltanowski, Georges

of Belgium/United States
Kortschnoj, Viktor

of Switzerland
Krivoshapko, Alexandr

of Russia
Kucharkowski, Jens

of Germany
Next generation of 1.b4 fanatics
Explorer of 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bxb4 3.f4 - Kucharkowski-Meybohm gambit
Kunz, John T

of USA
Labahn, Wolfgang

of Germany
Lapshun, Yury (IM)

of USA
Next GM playing 1.b4 regularly in big tournaments
Leon Manas, Jose Francisco

of Spain
Luzuriaga, Dr. Norberto Horacio

A great Argentinian fan of 1.b4, addicted to The Luzuriaga Attack (2.a3)
Macedo,Alexandre Soares De

of Brazil
Majul Martinez, Isolina

of Colombia
Marshall, Frank James

of USA
Mehlhorn, Uwe

of Germany
Melia, Ken

of United Kingdom
Melzig, Ernst

of Germany
Meybohm, Dirk

of Germany
Explorer of
(1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bb4 3.f4)
Miralles, Gilles (GM)

French GM
Fan of Tartakower. Guess why.
Molano, Ismael

of Spain
Morovic Fernandez, Ivan

of Chile
Mroz, Antoni

of Poland
Muri, Heinrich

of Switzerland
Nadanian, Ashot (IM)

of Armenia
Nebe, Lutz

of Germany
Nikolic, Jovane

of Brazil
Olej, Emil

of Poland
* - †1995
Osmak, Yulia

of Ukraine
Pandurevic, Miro

of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. Pagni, Carlo Alberto

of Italy
Plock, Joerg

of Germany
Ranby, Hans

of Sweden
Rohde, Friedhelm

A great German fan of 1.b4
Rosner, Dirk

of Germany
Santasiere, Anthony Edward

Schiefelbusch, Dirk

of Germany
Schlechter, Carl

Austrian GM
Shirazi, Kamran

Iran / United States / France
Smyslov, Vassily

World Champion
Sokolski, Alexei

The first GM who played 1.b4 several times (many thanks to Sergey Grodzensky of Russia, Jim Kulbacki of USA and Markus Peter Steiner of Germany for helping me with Sokolski pictures!)
Soppe, Guillermo (IM)

of Argentina
Spiridonov, Nikola

of Bulgaria
Sternik, Ryszard

of Poland
Tartakower, Savielly (Ksawery)

The first known modern GM who played 1.b4 in a big tournament
Trokenheim, Marek

of Sweden
De Visser, Arno

of Holland
Vokac, Marek

of Czech Republic
Wall, Bill

A great American fan of 1.b4, aka chess writer. Visit Bill's great homepage
Woelfelschneider, Peter

of Germany
Zielinska-Michna, Marta (WGM)

of Poland
Ziese, Gerhard

of Germany (white pieces on the picture)
Explorer of 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Qe7 (Ziese's defence).
Zylla, Johannes

of Germany

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